T-Shirt Necklines

Ultimate Guide to T-Shirt Necklines

Just like always, women never compromise with their looks, even for now or better say these days, they even choose things a bit more carefully. They always want to go with the latest trend. These days, wearing a tee along with some appropriate outfit is one of the most appealing fashion styles among them. There are not just one or two but many kinds of tees depending on the type of neckline used in them. Today in this article we will talk about some of the main types of tees neckline in reference to our today’s topic, that is, The ultimate guide to the neckline of t-shirts.

T-shirts with Crew Neck neckline

This is one of the most used and wearable t-shirts. This t-shirt is also known as round neck t-shirts. The shape of the neck in this kind of t-shirt is almost a perfect round hence it can hide a great portion of your busts. Therefore if the ladies have small busts or if they want not to show their busts more, they can go for this. This neckline suits the best both for men and women equally. Many times it happens that ladies want the other people to notice more about their neck and face rather than their busts. In this condition also this neckline is very helpful as when you wear this type of t-shirt, the main attraction remains the face, shoulder and face. This type of t-shirt can be matched with jeans, jeans and blazer or with any other suitable combination of outfits.

T-shirts with Polo neckline

T-shirts with polo necklines are also one of the most used necklines for t-shirts. The basic structure of this neckline is something like collared or V-shape. However, it is neither a collared nor V-shape t-shirt. It gives the look of collars but in this neckline, just two or three buttons are there and there is a pair of the collar also. This type of t-shirts can be worn both by men and women. Now if we talk about the area where it is used, you can see many of the workers working and wearing this type of t-shirts and some matching tracks or pants. Even in schools, we can see girls and boys wearing this type of t-shirt. If you will see the uniforms of players, most of the cricket players wear this type of t-shirt with tracks. Ladies also wear this type of t-shirts to show their fashion and style. We can find it in both long and half sleeves and both of them can be utilized to show your true fashion sense.

T-shirts with V-neckline

These v neckline type t-shirts are also one of the most used t-shirts. It comes in various depths. Therefore, if you want just some specific depth of the V-shape neckline t-shirts, it’s ok as whatever maybe your favourite depth, you can find that easily here in the range of these shape t-shirts. This kind of t-shirts can be worn both by men and women equally, though it suits the girls the best. Girls of all heights can use this with various types of change in the depth of the V-shape according to their height. However,  if we talk about the petite or small girl, it can be like a blessing for them. This is so as With the help of these tees, they may improve the look of their height which will look longer when they will wear the appropriate depth neckline t-shirts.

T-shirts with Scoop neckline

This type of neckline is not very common but yet you may see the use of these kinds of necklines a lot these days. The basic structure of the neckline is something like the crew neck as both of them are round. Along with this, there is one difference also. The roundness in the crewneck is almost a perfect circle whereas the roundness of the scoop neckline is like an ellipse. The width of the ellipse can be varied, hence you can use them as per your need. Though these types of t-shirts suit almost all types of age groups of people, no matter where they are male or female, petite girls look amazing in these types of t-shirts. These tees can be paired up with jeans, a blazer or even with yoga pants, leggings etc.

T-shirts with a button-up neckline

These kinds of t-shirts are not very common. However, when paired up with all the required outfits and accessories, the look one will get would be just awesome. The basic structure of these tees resembles just like any shirt. It is available both with short and full sleeves. Therefore, if you want to try something new for your look, you can go with this. Womens shirts are also one of the special parts of these tees as they both give the same appearance in the overall look of a lady.

T-shirts with a boat neckline

The basic structure of this neckline is just like the crew neck or scoop, but unlike them, the tees with can’t neckline have more fall or depth in the centre of the frontal arc. Hence you can imagine them like a V-Shaped neckline also but instead of the point on ‘V’ just use the rounded side. This depth can also be varying as per your need. This type of neckline fits well with almost all types of girls as they come in various depths. These can be also a good replacement for a V-shape neckline if you want to make you look a bit more modest. It can be paired up with jeans, leggings etc.

Above we got to know some of the main types of necklines used in the t-shirts. You can go with any of these with the outfits you want. Just you have to take care that you do not use the improper combination to try them all. If you could do that, you would be the centre of attention of all wherever you will go.