Pear Shape Wear a Pencil Skirt

Can a Pear Shape Wear a Pencil Skirt?

What is a pear-shaped body? How does it look? Can I wear a pencil skirt with a pear-shaped body?

Will it look good on me? What should I avoid? What are the pros and cons of my body? Well, these questions are just the name of few. There are several other questions whose answers are unknown to women. It would be best if you did not give up on the look you are looking to adopt. A pencil skirt is fairly made for slim bodies. But, a pear-shaped body can also slay a pencil skirt look if they dress appropriately. We will answer some of the critical questions regarding a pear shape body.

First, it is essential to know what a pear-shaped body is.

What is a Pear shape body?

You are no stranger to the word Pear. It is a fruit whose width is more from the bottom. Talking about a pear-shaped body, it is precisely the same. The upper body is sleek and thin. This is because of the previous figure of the body. As time passes, our body changes. Therefore, the lower part of the body starts losing its shape.

You would see that women tend to gain weight. Their lower body carries the majority of their weight near their back and waist. One of the most prominent examples of a pear-shaped body is Kim Kardashian. Her sisters also have this kind of body structure. Having a pear-shaped body is not a bad thing as it is said that fashion is not about what you wear, but it’s about how you dress.

So, this is known as a pear-shaped body.

How does it look?

A pear-shaped body is obviously identical to a pear. To be more precise, the majority of the weight is carried by the hip portion. The waist of this type of body is the center of attraction. Your body will look a little weird due to this reason. Your hip plays a significant role in deciding what type of skirt will look on you. The pear-shaped body faces some problems in selection. Proportionality of weight is wrong as compared to a general body. But, there is no issue with a pear-shaped body.

The shoulders are considered the backbone of any attire you wear. But in this case, the shoulder appears to be small. This is because of the weight near your hip. The bust portion is also a significant issue with this type of body. These are some significant characteristics of a pear-shaped body.

Can I wear a pencil skirt with a pear-shaped body?

First of all, if you want to buy premium quality of blouses, skirts, or other attires, then Yishion SG is the one. You will find a massive range of clothing for you to select as per your need. There is a myth that a pencil skirt cannot be worn by someone who has a pear-shaped body. But it is absolute misinformation. A pear-shaped body can sometimes become an ideal body for a pencil skirt. But due to the initial results, it has become a trend.

First of all, you have to take no stress regarding your body structure. Women take the stress and feel uncomfortable with their wider hips. Well, your body is your body. You should possess the ability to believe in what you have been given. Coming to the point, yes you can wear a pencil skirt with this type of body. But as always, everything is not just given.

There is a need to think smartly. There is a clear understanding that a pencil skirt is thin from the bottom. You cannot change this tradition. Therefore, you need to select your look intelligently. Your complementary attires should be in sync with the pencil skirt. Our first suggestion is that you should not wear a skirt in a light color. This will make you look a bit fat. It would help if you opted for only dark colors when it comes to pencil skirts on a pear-shaped body.

Also, your attire should be of a perfect size. You cannot just wear as they are or as they were made. You have to make then look fit on your body. This is one of the important tips for wearing a Pencil skirt on this type of body. As the skirt fits on your waist, large ones will make things look ugly. Therefore, try to wear skirts below your waist. There is no escape from the natural structure of your body. But you can make things look cool by your innovation. Due to your heavy bottom, eyes will be on your waist or skirt. This makes women feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, you drag attention from your fitting skirt; you should wear heavy blouses. Your upper body would look more attractive and appealing as compared to your skirt. In addition to that, wear some heavy jewelry to make your attire look rich. We also highly recommend you to wear striped blouses. You will read some articles stating that a pear-shaped body is not meant for striped shirts. Chin up ladies, stripes blouses can make a huge difference. Your body is totally fitting for a striped blouse. Therefore, striped blouses and t-shirts are highly recommendable. Due to all these measures, you will easily pull off a great pencil skirt look with great ease.

Suggestions regarding footwear

Your legs will play a huge role in diverting attention from your bust area. You need to select suitable footwear to slay your look. We highly recommend a decent pair of heels. You should choose the color according to your skirt. Do not try to mismatch the colors. There is no need for you to give it an outcast look. Your heels should blend with your skirt. But if you want to try different colors, black is the one for you. Black will show up on every shade of attire you wear. Therefore, you need to select the decent heels of a complementary color.

We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary data needed.