Wellness in Singapore

Wellness in Singapore

While Singapore may be limited in size, the opportunities to experience health and wellness do not pale in comparison with other countries. Through a mix of world-class spas and outdoor activities, Singapore offers visitors a chance to explore many wellness and nature activities. Whether you are exploring alongside the skyscrapers or taking time off to explore Singapore’s nature reserves and national parks such as the 160-year old Singapore Botanic Gardens – Singapore’s UNESCO Heritage Site, there are multiple spots for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Take up yoga at Marina Bay and experience the incredible opportunity to appreciate the majestic city skyline while releasing any tension you may have in your body. Perched high above in the iconic Marina Bay Sands Singapore, experiencing one of the lavish massages and beauty treatments in Banyan Tree Spa will give you the tranquil feeling of being one with the birds, free to soar as you desire. The Aramsa, the Garden Spa, is located within a nature park and lets you find mental peace and spiritual solace in natural surroundings while receiving an unforgettable therapeutic spa treatment.

Speaking of nature, Singapore may be a city-state, but it has an unbelievable and incredibly diverse range of nature offerings to explore. Escape the frenetic pace of urban life and stroll along the Southern Ridges or MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk, and be invigorated by the tranquil walk among the trees in the early morning mist. For a different kind of stress-relieving and relaxing experience, visit Coney Island or Thomson Nature Park, bring a book, and indulge yourself in the respite of the serene natural surroundings.

Yoga at Marina Bay Singapore

Discover your inner zen by immersing yourself in the relaxing outdoor yoga experience against the picturesque Singapore Marina Bay Skyline! This is just one of the many wellness activities available in the modern metropolis of Singapore.

Aramsa – The Garden Spa

Located within the Bishan park’s lush greenery, Aramsa Spa has 17 uniquely designed treatment rooms. Each mini-oasis includes an individual garden courtyard and an outdoor shower or bath for the perfect private escape for ultimate self-care. Get the Aramsa Ritual body massage with cup gliding therapy or have a high-performance skin energizer facial combined with scalp and foot massages.

Southern Ridges

Get closer to nature and walk among the trees at this ten-kilometer stretch of picturesque ridges and connecting trails. Home to diverse flora and teeming wildlife, the Southern Ridges offer one of the best panoramic views of the city, harbor, and the Southern Islands of Singapore. One of the Southern Ridges’ most distinct feature is the Henderson Waves, Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge built like a wave moving through the area’s shrubbery. Bird watchers should also keep their eyes to the sky to spot beautiful species flying through the air and peeking out from among the trees.

Coney Island

Reconnect with yourself while biking along the gorgeous trails of Coney Island Nature Park. With more than 80 bird species to spot as you explore, this ecologically sustainable park is an oasis for Singapore’s wellness seekers. This is an incredible spot to take half of a day or even a full day to release any stress or worries you may have and appreciate the beautiful nature around you.

Banyan Tree Spa at Marina Bay Sands

There are few things as relaxing as an incredible spa treatment. At Banyan Tree Spa, that experience is elevated thanks to its world-class treatment and services, as well as a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s striking and magnificent skyline. Spend an hour or even the entire day pampering yourself at this spa and be prepared to feel rejuvenated and energized!

Thomson Nature Park

In the heart of Singapore is the Thomson Nature Park, with greenery spanning 123 acres. Visitors can leave the city behind and embark on one of the five trails dotted with tropical flora and fauna. Go with a friend or family member, or even take a long peaceful stroll alone through this beautiful slice of nature. You will definitely enjoy strolling through this green city oasis while recharging and revitalizing your mind and soul.

MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Take a leisurely stroll across the treetop walk in MacRitchie for a fantastic view of nature within the city-state of Singapore. The free-standing suspension bridge connects the two highest points in the forest, providing a bird’s eye view of the canopy and the surrounding flora and fauna. The first of its kind in Singapore and the region, this 250 meters free-standing suspension bridge connects the two highest points (Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie and is just part of the walking trails within MacRitchie.

No matter what type of wellness activity appeals most to you, Singapore will surprise you with its diverse nature and wellness offerings suitable for everyone!